Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Did Lazar Kaganovich have a sister named "Rosa" who was Stalin's wife (or mistress)?

A:  No. Kaganovich had a sister named Rachel who did not live long enough for
this legend to be true. [Long answer]

Q: Was Lenin a Jew?

A:  No, although his maternal grandfather was Jewish. This may be very exciting to people who are
looking for some sort of Jewish "taint" on Lenin's lineage, but it does not appear to have
affected Lenin's sense of his own identity. And no, this does not define him as Jewish under
Israel's Law of Return. [Long answer]

Q: Wasn't Beria Jewish?

A: No. According to Amy Knight, "Beria was often descibed as looking like a Jew and it was even rumored
that he was. Although these rumors seemto have no foundation, their appearance may have connected Beria with
Jews in the public mind." (Beria: Stalin's First Lieutenant, Princeton University Press, 1993, p. 147.)

Q. Was Bolshevism funded by Jewish bankers?

A. There is actually a book on the subject of Wall Street funding of Bolshevism
which is not conspiracy kook literature: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
by Antony C. Sutton (Arlington House, 1975). The culprits seem to have
been mostly non-Jews. [Long answer]

Q. Wasn't Dzerzhinsky Jewish?

A. Come on, snap out of it--this is getting ridiculous. He was a Pole of aristocratic background.

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